Officine Panerai is one of the most iconic brands in the international watch industry. Born in 1860 Florence, Panerai is now part of the Richmont Group, a major player in the luxury world. The brand boasts a large fan base which go by the name “Paneristi”.

Officine Panerai sought to highlight their own heritage by showing Chinese users the showroom in piazza San Giovanni in Florence; the birthplace of the brand.
Nuvicom, a communications agency of the Retex Group, created an immersive 360° mobile experience in WeChat. Thanks to many 360° gigapixel images, a browsable recreation of the store was created, within which each watch becomes an interactive tool.
Users can take a virtual tour of the showroom and digitally touch the products, view their specifications and even execute purchases. Throughout the virtual tour, users are helped by a concierge and other direct contact points with the brand.

A brand and shopping experience fulfilled in a single environment.

Over 100 pictures, different angles and the correct light to emphasize the boutique and watches were all used to create the 360° environment. After post-production editing, spheres were created at each customer ‘pause point’. The user experience is fully based on the relationship between location and watches. Users’ direction of gaze throughout different points in the boutique was based on clear guidelines.

Over 16 million impressions

The campaign exceeded expectations with record breaking interactions, so as to gain a place among the most successful case histories on Tencent, the technology giant owner of WeChat.

Luxury and gamification:
One of the main reasons for success was the correct balance between luxury and gamification aligned by a structed UX and UI.
The project’s objective was not so much finding a simple compromise between brand and entertainment but identifying the most original method to highlight the brand’s values with a gamification element.

Integrated purchasing experience:
The immersive experience in the Panerai boutique was thoughut to link different touchpoints throughout the customer journey, with the aim to offer a unique purchasing experience; unconventional and unforgettable.


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