Digital China Week helps you to conquer the Chinese market

24 Nov 2020

Digital China Week – From 1 to 3 December, three days of free online meetings to discover and understand the Chinese market.

The pandemic has only slowed the growth of the Chinese economy, which is expected to close 2020 with a positive GDP of 1.9% and return to be a reference point for all companies ‒ Italian and non-Italian ‒ ready to grow and discover new investment prospects.

For these enterprises curious to explore the Chinese world, from 1 to 3 December 2020 Retex has organized the Digital China Week, a free online event dedicated to digital marketing in China with webinars and useful insights for learning about cultural aspects, technical specificities and dynamics in a high-potential market.

China is not just a market with vast economic potentials, but a universe with just as many social and cultural facets” comments Luca VenturoliRetex Group Marketing Director. “For this reason it is not enough just to talk of digitalisation when referring to this contextDigital, in this case, is the preferred channel, but without the language skills, the right partners or knowledge of the scenario in which you move, you risk not to fully exploiting your investmentThis series of events aims to make available the play scripts to players wanting to enter the scene on a digital stage worth more than 15 billion Euros, in front of an audience of one and a half billion people who want to see a different show every day.“

Tourism, the new driver of trade relations between china and italy

This is the question that industry experts will try to answer, with discussions aimed at identifying the enormous opportunities that the Chinese economy and consumers offer, at creating a marketing plan suitable for your business and objectives and at developing platforms for e-commerce, logistics and cross-border shipments.

A multifaceted approach to a vast universe, in which orientation can be complex and even more difficult developing a business strategy, if the underlying mechanisms are not understood and local customs, platforms and bureaucratic terms are not known.

How to approach the Chinese Market by investing in the future today

First of all it is important to position your online brand in a coherent way, identifying the strengths that can be leveraged and the weaknesses that need to be overcome to conquer the Chinese public.

Choosing the right online sales channels is another decisive step. There are countless marketplaces and marketing channels available (from to Tmall above all, but also the shops in WeChat), while it might also be interesting to develop a proprietary online shop.

Also very important is the strategy of spreading products and services, with direct access to the market or through the selection of distributors, which must take into account Chinese procedures and bureaucracy and all the technical specifications required.

Finally, it is necessary to create a digital communication plan able to effectively tell the products and the character of the business with local nuances and tones, developing high-impact content and exploiting the Chinese influencer marketing.

What are the best practices for a successful digital business in china?

One of the largest and most prolific sectors of economic-cultural exchange between China and Italy, tourism, will be the subject of a dedicated webinar, which will help all operators in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector and in the field of culture to reshape their tone of voice, so as to draw the attention of the public in the country of the Great Wall.

In order to prepare to exploit the recovery with a new strategy and invest again in the creativity and enterprise of the best Italian and international companies.


Will participate in Digital China Week:

  • Giada Zhang – CEO at Mulan Group | Making fresh ready-to-eat Asian food | Forbes Under 30 Italy
  • Jie SUN – Business Development Director Europe & Head of JD France
  • Lorenzo Riccardi – Dottore Commercialista RsA Asia
  • Giulio Finzi – Head of Netcomm China
  • Elisa Lodi – Senior Account Manager PMI SACE – gruppo CDP
  • Meilan Chen – Digital Specialist Chinese Market
  • Yanie Durocher – Fondatrice dell’agenzia POMPOM Creative à Shanghai
  • Gianpaolo Bruno 张保龙 -Trade Commissioner at ITA – Italian Trade Agency
  • Stefano Poliani – Head Of Research & BD Kerry Logistics
  • Antonio Canovese – Headless Commerce CX Sales Manager Venistar
  • Elijah Whaley – Chief Marketing Officer Parklu
  • Marco Zanardi, Presidente Retail Institute
  • Luca Martinazzoli – General Manager YesMilano
  • Enrico Plateo – Director Europe Tencent
  • Francesco Palumbo – Direttore Toscana Promozione Turistica


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