Quality Policy

Retex Spa main objective is to ensure that its Quality Policy is appropriate for optimizing the internal processes and continuously improve their performance both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

The Management defines the processes that must be monitored over time by means of concrete and measurable performance indicators, to be compared with the reference objectives identified by the Management itself and agreed with the relevant managers.

The Quality Policy shall, in particular, pursue the following objectives::

    1. Continuous review of the expectations of the parties concerned;
    2. In-depth analysis of risks and opportunities related to business processes;
    3. Proper analysis of the needs identified by Customers, providing the right knowledge and skills to deliver quality products and services;
    4. Implementation of the design necessary to consistently provide products and services in line with what has been agreed with the Customer;
    5. Identification and selection on the market of professional and technological resources appropriate to what emerged during the design phase;
    6. Constant monitoring of the consistency between the objectives set by the Customer and those achieved during the delivery stage of the product and/or service;
    7. Pursuing customer satisfaction;
    8. Achieve and maintain the Quality Management System certification;
    9. Continuously update and improve the SW/HW systems and internal and external professional skills;
    10. Devote investments to improve the corporate communication and external image towards the Customer;

so as to achieve maximum consistency and responsiveness to Customers’ needs.

The Management also undertakes to:

  • Guarantee a prevention-oriented approach to undesirable events;
  • Use highly professional and competent staff to ensure the development and enhancement of human resources;
  • Periodically review the monitoring reports through key performance indicators;
  • Use well-defined methods and appropriate statistical techniques for processing system monitoring data;
  • Periodically verify the effectiveness and application of the Quality Management System in relation to business objectives, market needs, Customers and stakeholders’ requirements;
  • Ensure a work environment that respects safety, health and the rights and obligations of all parties concerned;

so as to ensure the continuous improvement process that allows Retex Spa not only to maintain, but also expand its presence in the market in which it operates by raising the quality of the products and services offered.

The Management is aware that the proper functioning of the Quality Management System and its improvement requires the direct commitment and active involvement of all with a view to prevention and continuous improvement. Accordingly, the Management is committed to ensuring that the Quality Policy is communicated, understood, achieved and continuously maintained by all those who can contribute or are interested in its implementation.
The Quality Policy is applied to all areas deemed most critical, and is reviewed, discussed and updated at specific meetings between the Management and the relevant managers.