Pavilion Italia

Italy Pavilion conquers China with WeChat mini-programs

01 Mar 2021

Launch of Italy Pavilion, created for conquering China with WeChat

From today, trying to do business in the Chinese market is a little easier thanks to the Italy Pavilion project which makes available to small and medium-sized Italian companies interested in exporting to China a team of professionals capable of helping them in the evaluation and organization of the necessary investment, as well as the necessary funds to facilitate their entrance and expansion in the Far East.

Making it in China with WeChat

For carving out a space in the most attractive market in the world, it is essential to have a clear, modular strategic plan capable of presenting to a culture very distant from ours each brand in the right way, exploiting the digital channels most suited to the Chinese public and functional to the business objectives.

Among these is definitely WeChat, the messaging platform that is a real digital universe capable of combining brand communication, interactive dialogue with users, influencer marketing, entertainment and direct sales to the public.

How? With countless apps capable of integrating with the basic chat functionality and that transform it into a tool tailored to the company’s needs, WeChat is the perfect one-stop connection portal for those who want to make brand awareness behind the Great Wall, want to develop a true social-commerce and want to focus their efforts on a single platform.

WeChat is used by more than 1.3 billion people every month, who, thanks to its different features, are highly loyal and profiled users, allowing every company to find its ideal audience. The important thing is to know how to approach this challenge.

A boost to structure your business in China

ICE, Tencent and Digital Retex provide not only a strong vertical level of expertise useful for structuring a customized communication and advertising strategy, but also the granting of a contribution that will allow selected companies to access the Chinese market at low cost.

A useful contribution to developing a system for the direct sale of company products in China through the WeChat mini-programs and an important opportunity for investing in the only world market that closed 2020 with positive numbers and is facing 2021 as a global leader.

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