Italy Pavilion, off to a flying start

03 Jul 2020

Italy Pavilion was announced on 22 June, namely the project born from the agreement between ICE (Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalisation of Italian companies) and the Chinese group Tencent. The latter is among the most important technological players on the market and among the top ten world companies in terms of capitalisation.

Italy Pavilion intends to support the presence of made in Italy in China for 300 companies. The importance of this market is central to our businesses, especially to the fashion, beauty products and food & beverage sectors. This is all the more so considering that online sales in that country are constantly rising owing to the growing post-COVID-19 digitalisation undertaken by many brands. In the first quarter of 2020, this rise is estimated to be over 8%, for a total value of 360 billion dollars.


As the project’s technology provider, Digital Retex boasts a long-standing collaboration with Tencent, as its first Trusted Partner in Europe and Italy. The WeChat e-services platform, owned by the Chinese giant, and de facto the Chinese’s internet, is our tool cabinet. Without this technological mediation, commercial success on the Chinese market would be hard to achieve.

Italy Pavilion is based on very strong technological, commercial and cultural foundations. In this regard, Digital Retex can count on a multilingual and multicultural team and on a direct presence in China. In addition to these competitive advantages, Digital Retex has developed and produced its proprietary technology within WeChat. We work on the project according to three key lines: technology, strategic consultancy and digital marketing, with the prime objective of selling cross-border products of the 300 companies in the Chinese market, supporting and assisting them in all the necessary steps.


Since 2010, China has become the world’s second largest economy. According to World Bank forecasts, the outlook is that it will exceed that of the United States, potentially achieving double volumes compared to its competitor. The average per capita income of its population is one of the most interesting indicators, having grown by 40% since 2014.

The differences between China and the West are great in terms of history, culture and civilisation. Failure to understand these or, worse still, interpreting the Chinese market according to Western parameters may cause irreparable damage to the brands’ presence, as too often demonstrated by the recent news.

Today, Chinese consumers constitute one of the most sophisticated markets in the world. Any attempt to approach this market without taking into account its diversity and ensuring an adequate level of innovation, is doomed to failure.


The first virtual meeting with Italy Pavilion held on 18 June received an extremely positive response with the participation of 470 companies. Similarly, the webinar dedicated to the fashion and design sector that took place yesterday saw a high-level of participation from which emerged the main points of attention.

The typical aspects of export trade to China were therefore discussed, such as logistics, packaging and the inclusion in the Positive List on Cross-Border E-Commerce. Also decisive were the issues relating to communication, from marketing to advertising.

The objective common to the whole webinar series is the creation, along with the support, of the entire sale cycle between Italy and China, from production to the end customer.

On the agenda are scheduled three other webinars focused on the product and production sectors already mentioned. Here it is possible to see their timetable and complete your online registration.


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