Italy Pavilion, time for leather goods and jewels in China

13 Jul 2020

After fashion and wine, for Italy Pavilion webinars it is now the turn of leather goods and jewellery. Even if target audience is different, the strategic goal of the ICE project remains the same: supporting ‘Made in Italy’ companies during the entire sales process between Italy and China, from production to end customer delivery.


The importance of the project, particularly in this difficult post-COVID-19 restart scenario, is also indirectly confirmed by the initiatives taken by Unioncamere and the Lombardy Region to stimulate and facilitate the export activities of Italian companies towards China.

The Lombardy Region’s call promotes the access to cross-border platforms and/or proprietary e-commerce systems (websites and/or mobile apps).The aid consists of an outright grant equal to 70% of the eligible costs up to a maximum of 10 thousand Euros. Each company can submit only one application with a minimum investment of 4 thousand Euros.

Grants and reliefs will be assigned both for the B2B and for the B2C sectors.
The platforms concerned are e-commerce systems (proprietary ones and marketplaces) both local and cross-border, websites or apps. These funds may cover up to 70% of the costs incurred for the project.


Not many words are needed to describe the centrality of the Chinese market for our ‘Made in Italy’, especially for companies active in the Fashion & Design, Food & Wine, Leather goods & Jewels and Beauty & Eyewear sectors.

What we need instead is a lot of concrete directions on what must be done to achieve the intended intervention objectives on the Chinese market. A very difficult task, if not done carefully and with the cooperation of a qualified partner and within a general context where actual experience and helpful technology lead. After all, the ID of Italy Pavilion is precisely this.

The WeChat e-services platform (where we can find Digital Retex, ICE partner in the Italy Pavilion project and which boasts an international collaboration with Tencent, the Chinese holding company) is a requirement more than an option.


To this end, it is necessary to deal adequately with the incentives and benefits that, for companies in the Leather goods & Jewels sector, justify and enhance exports to China. The link below provides information and insights on what must be done to sell from Italy without keeping stock in China, on how to stimulate customer engagement and on the opportunities to take part in the big Italy Pavilion marketplace.


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