ESCP Business School was founded in Paris in 1819. The school has chosen to teach a responsible leadership model, open to the world and based on European multiculturalism. According to the Financial Times, it ranks among the Top 10 best European Business Schools and today it provides its students with the opportunity to study at six campuses across Europe: Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw.

Several generations of top entrepreneurs and managers have been formed in the belief that business can and must be a force for social good. This certainty and its values ​​- Excellence, Uniqueness, Creativity and Plurality – guide the school’s mission every day.

The brief

With the aim of connecting and engaging Chinese students, the business school relied on the experience of Digital Retex for the creation of a digital infrastructure suitable for attracting potential students to European campuses. Starting from the creation of the website and the consequent optimized management of SEO and SEM activities on Baidu, Retex is subsequently entrusted with the planning of Ads campaigns and a promotion strategy appropriate for the target audience.

Communications and digital media

Collaboration with ESCP reaches an even higher level in 2021 when:

  • Digital Retex is entrusted with the complete management of the WeChat channel for the improvement  of the publishing and customer care activities of the Official Account;
  • Retex supports the school institution in the lead generation activities optimized for Chinese students, also through the hosting of online webinars for the promotion in China of masters and university courses.


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