Yes Milano

YesMilano 探索米兰, the communication channel completely in Chinese language, represents a great opportunity for the City.

With this tool, the Municipality of Milan further strengthens the competitiveness of its tourism industry companies and improves its positioning on the Chinese market. This, by 2030, will represent almost a quarter of global tourism, and for Milan a potential of 2 million visitors over the next 5 years.


YesMilano 探索米兰, the City’s official WeChat account, will be the digital link between the Milano brand and its Chinese followers. Within a specific communication environment, the Mini Program will introduce to Chinese travellers visiting Europe, or already in Milan, the places, events, products and amenities of the City.


Milan is the first Italian City to introduce itself to the Chinese public with a WeChat account.

YesMilano presents the City on the most important and popular Chinese messaging app with over a billion active users per month, gaining 80,000 followers since its debut.

Thanks to WeChat, Chinese travellers will be able to better organize their stay in the City, choosing between food and wine, cultural, sports or shopping itineraries in the fashion capital of the world,

Information on services, shops, restaurants, cultural institutions and other points of interest in the City will be provided in a geolocalized and real-time way, by simply consulting an interactive map. For merchants, WeChat is the essential tool for a direct and original relationship with Chinese customers: to date 110 commercial establishments have already joined the initiative.


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