Italian excellency with 700 years of history behind it.

For generations, the Frescobaldi family has handed down knowledge and passion for wine production. The brand, which has become a point of reference in the wine sector, aims at the diversity and enhancement of its territories and of each individual estate where these fine wines are produced.


Frescobaldi exploits the trend of online sales and focuses on e-commerce by introducing itself to the Chinese market on WeChat, the Tencent-owned platform. The brand invests in the China Digital Roadmap project, successfully completed with the opening of the Official Account and supported by leading experts in the field, including Digital Retex and Bizup Consulting.


The approach to the Chinese market cannot ignore the study of the cultural and market scenario, as rich in opportunities as in complexities. Retex developed a strategy aimed at defining the positioning of the brand and increasing its visibility through:

• The creation of an engaging storytelling suitable for Chinese consumers
• The planning of targeted advertising campaigns aimed at increasing engagement and follower base
• The constant monitoring of activities and results, ensuring the improvement of performance


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